Best Sex Positions For Your Age

Sex and aging are like twin sisters, if one changes the other changes too. You cannot expect that the sex position that gives you total orgasm, and you are used to when you’re in your 20s, will still be applicable when you reach your 30s or 40s. There are changes in your body which affect […]

7 Things People in Relationships Need To Stop Saying To Single People

Being single among your friends is like the token entertaining them of what’s happening around the world, making a lot of jokes at your own expense, filling the air gap with your weirdness, and so much more. It’s not easy to be single. Nobody wants to die alone and invest in their friends romantic lives, […]

5 No-nonsense Tips To Rev Up Your Sex Life

Yep, you have total arousal control. We’ve been taught to think that sexual desire is something that should spontaneously spike to make you crave sex once, twice, or five times a week. But new science suggests that your libido is actually at the mercy of a series of accelerators (triggers that turn you on) and […]