Sex and aging are like twin sisters, if one changes the other changes too. You cannot expect that the sex position that gives you total orgasm, and you are used to when you’re in your 20s, will still be applicable when you reach your 30s or 40s. There are changes in your body which affect your performance like pain around the pelvis, joint pain, pain in the lower back and hips, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, etc. Thus, there should also a change in your sexual position to still enjoy the activity.

Though there are changes in your body as you age, the sexual pleasure and interest in sex does not decrease and should not decrease. There are many ways you can still enjoy sexual activity. In fact, men are still enjoying sex as they age and women as well because they do not need to worry of getting pregnant.

Here are the best sex positions for age bracket of 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s:

Age 20s – Up Against The Wall

When you’re in your 20s, your body is perfect. You have perfect muscles, tight butt, good hips and thighs, firm boobs, and strong libido. The perfect way to celebrate your youthful age is doing the Up Against The Wall position. This is an immediate solution for expressing the intensity of your eagerness to have sex right away. To do this, the guy needs to push the woman against the wall while grabbing her butt up. A simultaneous thrust against the woman. This will result to a great G-spot and clit stimulation. This will also create a pleasurable friction.

Age 30s – Spooning

Many women in the age of 30 experience pain when attempting different sex positions because of pregnancy and aging. Pelvic pains and sensitivity below the belt are the common concerns in this age. As for the guys, the level of testosterone begins to slowly decline. The best sex position for this age is the Spooning because this is a comfortable position. The best time to do this is in the morning. To do this, the guy should lay behind the woman while she is lying with her right leg slightly bent at the knee. The guy’s one arm should be in her waist or in her vagina and his legs are along with her legs. Now, the guy has the full authority to caress her breast and clit while thrusting. This is so great activity in the morning when you’re still slightly awake.

Age 40s – Basset Hound

At this age, it is said the things start to go a little less sensual or sexual. Maybe it’s true because of the busy schedule it is hard to find time to have sex. Aside from that, pre-menopausal hormones are starting to kick in. But luckily, when you hit the age of 40, you will start to feel a little less insecure and more comfortable in the bedroom. The worry of getting diseases and pregnancy will not be your top concerns.

In this age, the best sex position is the Basset Hound. To do this, the woman needs to stand on all fours, feet together and hands are at shoulder length. Her back should be slightly arched and her head is thrown back. The guys have to be on her back, one hand on her waist while the other one is on her butt. Push and push until orgasm. You can use a lubricant just in case there is already a vaginal dryness.

Age 50s and 60s- Idyll

Sex is for all ages, thus, there are sex positions for seniors. Though at this age, the level of testosterone and estrogen of men and women are low, there is still remedy on how to be intimate on


bed. The best sex positions for seniors are the oral sex or Idyll style. Since both male and female decreases in their sex drive, oral sex can help stimulate it back again. This position will help the female produce more lubricant, while it helps the male to erect and harden his penis. This is also comfortable as the male lies on his back while the female lies on top of the man.