Being single among your friends is like the token entertaining them of what’s happening around the world, making a lot of jokes at your own expense, filling the air gap with your weirdness, and so much more. It’s not easy to be single. Nobody wants to die alone and invest in their friends romantic lives, forever. There is a sad truth about it, but what’s more sadder is when your friends who are in relationships say these things to you:

  1. “Why are you still single?”

This can have two meanings; it’s either a good compliment or a bad compliment. Coupled people always make single people feels like they need to defend or justify themselves with the reasons why they are still single. What if they are just waiting for the right one and that right one isn’t coming yet? Or, what if they just want to be single because they are happy being single? Remember, not all people who are in relationships are happy and contented.

  1. “Are you okay?”

When hanging out with a group of coupled friends, more often than not they will ask you, “Are you okay?”  It’s like being out with them without a partner is something less securing. Well in fact, the reason why you are with them is because you want to laugh and have a good time “with them”. The fun you have with them is totally separate from the feeling of being single.

  1. “It won’t be weird.”

Your coupled friends will invite you over some event or a dinner date and say, “It won’t be weird.” Well in fact, they just want you to come with them to be the photographer, or they will surprise you with some blind date. It’s okay to be their photographer, even if you’re already dying inside seeing their cute poses, but coupled people should realize that if you want a date, you can have your own but not with some freaky stranger you never know who will just pop in front of you.

  1. “Married life will complete you.”

It is not your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife’s job to complete you, it is only you who can complete your life. There are people who believe in marriage, there are some who don’t, or do not just want to get married yet. But one thing’s for sure, only YOU can complete you. In fact, you are already complete, you only need someone to accept you for who you are.

  1. “You’re running out of time.”

Ticking the clock is not helping, it only makes things worst and pressured. Do you think single people do not know that the clock is ticking and running for them? Of course they do. Don’t remind them that they are running out of time. They are just having their own phase. Your timing is not their timing.

  1. “You’re too picky!”

Don’t accuse single people of being picky. There is always time and place for giving chances. If someone doesn’t feel really right for your single friend, let them not yield to the pressure to be in a wrong relationship. They are not picky, they just don’t want to waste their time, money, effort and emotion to the wrong one.

  1. “Have you tried online dating?”

If a single person wants to be on a date, he/she will find time to do it. Most of the single people say they are happy with their current lives and will just focus their time and effort on the people they love and know. And, they know online dating does exist.

  1. “I know you’ll find someone.”

The fact that nobody actually knows if that “someone” will come or not just adds up to the problematic feeling of a single person has. Making them feel better is validating, but for some who already waited for so long, it’s not. So instead of focusing on the singleness of a person, why not say something that will celebrate their singleness?